This is a great guide to minimalist shoes…the Sopranos would respect the Roman sandals here in NJ !

This is a great guide to minimalist shoes: 

Some are truly minimal (Invisible Shoes), others are high-end entries into the market by major companies.  People will always find a way to segment the market and make money.  I am interested in checking out the Altra shoes and the Zem “socks” as when I first started Crossfit I simply wore my Teva Proton aqua socks and they worked really well! 

But the Roman sandals are my favorite!  There seems to be more interest lately on many fronts about the “wisdom of the ancients”, such as in this recent blog post on what they ate.  I can imagine wearing a pair of caligae around New Jersey.  While most people look sideways at my FiveFingers on this coast, I might get some respect with the Roman sandals in this area, a la The Sopranos:

Non-Italian guy being shaken down:  "And what happened to the Romans? Where are they now?" 
Tony Soprano: "You’re looking at them."

Anyway, back to reality, I am looking forward to trying out my new Inov-8 MudClaws that were a birthday present.  These are going to rock for deep snow running this winter!


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