Thanks to Crossfit Affliction!

A big thanks to Steven and Heidi at Crossfit Affliction in Fort Lauderdale for welcoming me during my recent business trip down there!  I really appreciated the intensive coaching on snatch technique, which is one of my (many) weaknesses.  I probably performed 50 snatches during a skill session and WOD, and a lot of it was about feeling out incremental improvements rep by rep, so thanks for the patience!  I think that as a rower I always mentally default to exploding with the quads vs. exploding with the hips, and I just need to practice the movement over and over in order to feel it out.  I now have some good visualizations that I can write down in my WOD book to focus on in the future.  I hope some of my rowing advice helps out in your upcoming cert, and I look forward to wearing your cool shirt around up north.  I was amazed to see that you have more Concept2 rowers than most boathouses!  You have a great facility, friendly people, and most importantly great weather!  If you are ever in the New York / New Jersey area look us up at Crossfit Ignite !


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