Tabata cadence for #FiveFingers or barefoot/minimalist running?

OK so I tried the Crossfit Endurance tabata (8 x 20”on, 10” off) workout running in Vibram FiveFingers KSOs today for the first time.  And no, as predicted, my feet didn’t get cold!  I am really starting to get the “falling out of control” feel of the pose running and it feels like I am a comic book character when sprinting.  So I decided to count the beats and found that I was doing the 20-sec intervals in 60-65 beats, or 180-195 bpm.  Given that I am 6’3”, 190 lbs, that feels like Fred Flintstone running.  It’s almost more taxing to decelerate for 10 seconds than to just keep it going.  Anybody else have comments on the cadence they do for tabata?  Interested in others’ experiences as this is new ground for me.

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