Barbells for Boobs fundraiser workout against breast cancer

Today was Crossfit Ignite’s Barbells for Boobs workout to fund breast cancer research.  It was a tough WOD for me – 30 clean and split jerks at 115lb. in 4:55.   I just can’t get the Rx weight of 135 overhead for more than 2-3 reps yet.

But what a great idea.   This is Crossfit’s version of Row for the Cure.  But these Crossfit fundraisers are soooooo easy to participate in…online signup and donation, WOD execution at your local box, swag delivered to your door, social networking used to promote it.  Takes like 5 minutes to sign up, then you put the pain into the workout, not the administrivia.  No extra waivers to sign, you don’t have to create an account with a company who is registering/timing the event, and you don’t have to drive anywhere.  Fight Gone Bad was the same way – the easiest donation I’ve ever made that didn’t involve cash in a jar.

I can imagine what a company like Concept2 could do with their online logbook infrastructure and their worldwide reach.   Anyone, anyone?

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