Conditions for SUP – Overpeck Park Lake, NJ

So my wife told me she wanted to start to learn to stand-up paddle, so I went to check out the conditions at the newly-opened Overpeck Park in Teaneck, NJ, which has a lake that looks perfect for a 2000m buoyed rowing course if USRowing ever got the urge for a regatta within sight of the Manhattan skyline.  Here’s what I found:

1.  The lake is too shallow for SUP unless you plan to never fall off the board, hence it is not good for beginners.  I probed the depth with my paddle and could almost always hit bottom.

2.  The launch area is riprap stone, which again is not great for someone who might have trouble close to shore.

3.  The facilities are great, with easy NJ Turnpike access, close parking, clean new bathrooms, etc.

4.  The wind was howling, so to play it safe I mostly knelt vs. stood given the shallow water.

Verdict:  too bad, this would be a great lake for kayaking or even rowing, but probably not ideal for SUP, especially for beginners.

Now, on another note, this is a great link:  Crossfit Endurance hooking up with the SUP crowd in Dana Point:

Now we’re talkin!

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