An unconventional pre-race meal?

So I tried something new before my race last Friday, and it worked in spades.  Usually I try to balance hyrdation, caffeine, and food so that I am fueled, right on the cusp of an empty stomach at the starting line, don’t have excess water weight in my body, don’t have to run to the porta-john at the starting line, and don’t have heartburn when the race gets intense.

Conventional wisdom in rowing mandates high-carb pre-race intake an hour before, and taking water with you in the boat.  When I am going to be on the water less than 40 minutes end-to-end for a 3-4 minute race, I’m not sure this computes, so I tried a more balanced glycemic approach:

Race was at 5:12 PM, launching off the dock 30 mins prior.

1PM:  Cucumber/Tomato salad with a little feta and wild rice, some sardines, drizzled with a lemon fish oil vinaigrette.

1:30PM:  32 oz. water with 1 scoop Trader Joe’s “Super Red” supplement drink powder and 1tbsp. Chia seed.  No sweeteners.

2PM:  16 oz. strong unsweetened iced coffee

3PM:  Turkey jerky

4PM: 8 oz. more coffee plus 16 oz. more of the water/”Red”/chia stuff.

Post-race:  The rest of the water/chia and a nice messy grapefruit.

It was perfect.

Please note:  No Clif bars, no pasta, no on-water last-minute hydration that would have no short-term effect.

2 thoughts on “An unconventional pre-race meal?

  1. Yikes!!!! And to think I just ate a freaking piece of fruit an hour before we launched and took some water with me in the boat. And we STILL got a gold medal? You must have been pulling my sorry butt down the course on that turkey jerky ; )

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