3 comments on “Confirmed by performance: CrossFit works for competitive rowing

  1. This is awesome news! Sorry I missed you while I was there–my 2x partner and I spent a good amount of time in Philadelphia, and because the St. Louis Club only sent a total of three people, we were all helping each other out. I’m glad this worked out for you and it’s good to see CrossFit paying off for a competitive oarsman. Looks like John Tunnicliffe was pretty tough to beat in the Open 1x…were you pleased with your performance in that event, though?

    • Brad, I hung out with a couple of older folks from St. Louis at the Passaic River R.A. trailer but I missed their names. Yes I was happy with the 1X…I raced it as best I could and had a half length lead on Sean Wolf for about 400m as he was in the lane next to me. But I couldn’t hold the pace and was spent so ended up finishing 4th in the heat. I drew the killer heat by far – but that happens. Last year I drew the easy heat and Tunnicliffe beat me by 11 seconds in the final, so I’m getting closer, and I’ll take that to the bank. I think I stressed a lot less with the 2X and that helped. I hear it’s in Oklahoma City next year so hopefully that’s less of a trip for you! – Marc

    • BTW having lived in Cali for many years Death Valley and Joshua Tree are two of my favorite places in the world – I checked out your work on your site – cool!

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