Crossfit, Rowing, Stand-up Paddling, and the East Coast Heat Wave

OK, so my town put in place draconian water conservation, all of a sudden.  I get that’s it’s a heat wave, but I’m confused as to how we could could go from no rationing to no outdoor water use at all in less than 24 hours.  So now I am doing “farmer walks” each evening when I get home, carrying buckets of bathwater out to the plants.

I went stand-up paddling on Monksville Reservoir on Saturday and it was gorgeous (and BTW the reservoir was full).  I had a much better sense of balance in bare feet and a much stronger core than I did last summer, and I attribute that to Crossfit and my Vibram FiveFingers, which were, as predicted, awesome for SUP.

When it’s this hot, workout duration matters a lot from both a body temperature and a hydration perspective.  Today at the boathouse, there were some people just getting in from a 2-hour row.  Really?  In 102-degree heat?  They must have been completely ravaged, even though they had been rowing at low intensity.  I launched and banged out the Crossfit Endurance WOD of 4x1000m with 90 seconds rest in less than 30 minutes.  I bagged piece #5 because with minimal breeze, doing pieces downwind was basically like doing pieces in still air, and I quickly overheated. 

Still, I was able to maintain intensity for the short duration of the WOD, get the power strokes done, and not dehydrate to an alarming degree that would require a full day to recover.  There is something to be said for the Crossfit approach when the heat wave is on!




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