So what does Facebook suggest “I might like” as a rower and Crossfitter?

Facebook’s new “recommended pages” algorithm gets pretty interesting as it tries to figure out what I might “like.”  I clicked through the whole list to see what it would come up with.

Vibram FiveFingers.  Check.

Various surfing pages.  Check.  Blame Laird.

Various Microsoft-related pages.  Check.

Nothing related to rowing.  Really?

Nothing else related to Crossfit.  Huh?

A list of about 10 African-American entertainers and TV personalities.  <Buzzer>  Non-sequitur.  Let’s start with the fact that I recently disconnected the TV to reclaim quality time and reduce the conspicuous consumption that it encourages.  The only connection I can divine from my profile might be that I “like” Barack Obama and I “like” the band Black Sabbath.  The algorithm couldn’t be that blatantly, offensively, simplistic, could it?

Dunkin Donuts<Buzzer> What?  Are they a sponsor of the Crossfit Games or something?  Do they have a new line of “Paleo Pouches”?  DD seems like a vice from a past life at this point.

Philadelphia Phillies.  Um, the profile says NORTH Jersey!

Starbucks, because “people who like Peet’s Coffee & Tea also like Starbucks.”  <Buzzer>.  Note to Facebook:  People who like Peet’s SETTLE for Starbucks when traveling to, say, Dallas, or living in New Jersey where there ARE no Peet’s!

Wawa.  Ok you kinda got me there, and before you Crossfitters gasp in horror, here’s why:  There just happens to be a Wawa on the way home from the Cooper River rowing venue in Camden, NJ, with a large parking lot capable of handling a car-topped rowing boat, a good selection of fresh fruit, hummus and vegetables, and awesome chocolate milk ;-)  I am thankful that Wawa provides an oasis on the Admiral Wilson Boulevard where I can refuel after a competition without feeling like I am poisoning my body, and for that reason I do like it, Sam I Am!

P.S.  I know someone will ding me for the chocolate milk, but I am not a purist and I have a long, complicated relationship with chocolate milk that I am still working through.  After winning a tough race I do like a little reward, and the other choices would be to walk across the street to Rita’s for water ice, or to drink Muscle Milk which is loaded with Sucralose and other nightmares.

2 thoughts on “So what does Facebook suggest “I might like” as a rower and Crossfitter?

  1. Hi, I like your blog, seeing the stuff on facebook and thus social media in general makes me wonder, would you like to post our new rowing promo video on your blog? 🙂

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