Proof Point – Victory at Catch the Cooper Regatta

Well last Saturday I had my first proof point of the efficacy of training at Crossfit Ignite in my first official race of the season.  I won the “B” age group single scull at the Catch the Cooper regatta on the Cooper River course in Camden, New Jersey.  This is the same venue that will be used for Masters Nationals in August.  Although my technique was not as clean as planned, I had no problems with my conditioning.  Traditionally I am a fast starter, and I knew I had to be judging by the size of one of the other competitors, but the difference this season was my ability to hold my speed through the middle of the race and pull away with about 400 meters to go to win by 6 seconds.  My time was 3:45, which is about 10 seconds slower than the time I will need to win Masters Nationals, but the race was not closely fought, and this time is still 3 seconds faster than my 5th-place time at Masters Nationals last year, in similar conditions.




I was able to channel those kettlebell swings and deadlifts into the last 500 meters, and mentally I was prepared to sprint since I have been doing that in Crossfit WODs several times a week for 6 months now.

By the time I got my boat off the water, I felt like I could go out and do it again, just like in a Crossfit Endurance WOD.

I got several inquiries on Crossfit at the race, and while it’s just one example, I feel like the effects were clear for me.

On to the Quaker City regatta in another month!  I’ve never broken the top 3 there, as it is home water for many of the fastest competitors out there.  Onward and upward!



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