AirForce is my Waterloo

Today’s WOD at Crossfit Ignite was the worst bonk I’ve had in a while.  This week has been great, with a deadlift PR on Monday and some really great rows in the single, but I guess the recovery time required for a middle-aged athlete finally caught up with me today.  The WOD was entitled “Air Force”, and involved:



Men – 95#

Women – 65#

For time:

  1. 20 Thrusters
  2. 20 Sumo DeadLift High Pulls
  3. 20 Push Jerks
  4. 20 Overhead Squats
  5. 20 Front Squats

**4 Burpees performed on every minute.  Drop what your doing, do 4 burpees, pick up where you left off**

I tried to Rx it, even though I knew that the overhead squats would be iffy.  In reality, after only 6 thrusters, I felt my legs turn to jelly and slow down, and I knew it was going to be a rough ride.  By then end I could barely move my quads fast enough to get off the ground for the burpees.  This WOD is insidious in that the slower you are, the more burpees you have to do, and the less time you have to complete weighted reps before the next round of burpees.

Well, I had a great lunch of sardines, broccoli, a little feta, and some black pepper, and resolved to fight again another day….

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