Crossfit and sustainability

After reading No Impact Man, my family and I are trying to take a few simple actions to become more conscious about consumption, waste, and local food.  Things like disconnecting the TV, trying to buy direct from local farms, and trying to reduce overall consumption and waste.  One of the things that has struck me on my 6-month Crossfit journey is that it carries the lightest “gear load” of any sport I’ve ever tried.  I literally need nothing but some clothes, my Five Fingers, and maybe my Concept2 butt pad.  No gear, no weight belt, no Zune, no socks, no multiple pairs of shoes for gym, road running, and trail running.  Most Crossfit boxes (like my home box Crossfit Ignite) have no showers, hot tubs, air conditioning, video monitors, or fancy plastic equipment – just wood, rope, metal, and OK some rubber (but we re-use tires!).  San Francisco Crossfit doesn’t even have a building!  There are no smoothie bars and plastic water and supplement bottles.  I love the fact that I now know how to give myself a tough WOD with nothing but my body and a pair of shorts.  It is a minimalist approach.  It encourages local, fresh, un-processed eating.  It is even minimalist in terms of the time required – no more 20K rows that take 2 hours.

I’m thinking that Crossfit is actually the most sustainable fitness program I’ve ever tried, from an environmental impact standpoint – both in terms of the carbon footprint of the boxes and the simple, minimalist mindset it encourages.

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