4 comments on “Vibram Five Fingers: First Impressions

  1. I have to respectfully disagree with you on the jumping rope dislike, I have found that I can jump rope much better in my sprints since I stay up on the balls of my feet. Rowing at my crossfit, I have to agree with you because on the Concept rowers the strap hits me across the bareskin part of my sprints and rubs leaving a lot of rub burns.. So I use socks only for rowing. Just my opinion.

    • Thanks Laura for your feedback…I think I am probably a novice at rope jumping, which adds to my issues! I’ll try to visualize the balls-of-the-feet thing better and see if it helps. BTW I find that closed-toe water shoes work well on the C2, or bare/sock feet as you say. Thanks again for the feedback.

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