Rowing and Crossfit “Fight Gone Bad”

Well yesterday I did my 2nd Fight Gone Bad WOD of my nascent 4-month old Crossfit career.  Interestingly there was a short article in the April 2010 issue of Rowing News Magazine about Crossfit and Fight Gone Bad specifically.

In my first FGB in March I scored 272, doing really well on the rowing (as expected) but poorly on the push press and wall ball shots).  I felt that by maxing on the row (32/28/25), I was trying to do the rest of the round at near max heart rate, which hindered my ability to do the other exercises.  This time I decided to pace myself on the row a little in order to perform better elsewhere.  For those unfamiliar with the WOD, you set the Concept2 to measure calories as a proxy for “reps” in the other exercises.  At a pace of 1700 cal/hr, this translates very roughly into 75% of the number of strokes taken in a minute.

Results:  283 – a good improvement, but honestly my strategy was wrong.  I should have gone all out on the row too, because I ended up sacrificing 8 points there vs. the March WOD.  I think my improvements came from technique on the push press and sumo dead lift high pulls more than from pacing.  The reality is that with 5 1-minute intervals per round, the total number of reps you can score is sort of a zero-sum game.  While pacing probably helped me get a few more reps in the push press, I’m not convinced this offset the 8 points I lost in the row by not going to the max.  Technique is a more severe limiting factor for me than conditioning.

The biggest opportunity for improvement is by focusing on technique in the push press and box jump in order to “bounce” right into the next rep instead of pausing.  Next time, in order to score 300, I’ve got to max the row, plus find a way to get 5 more each on the push presses and box jumps.  It’s doable – I have a month to practice!



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