Try f.lux to ease sleep after late-night blogging !

We all know that sleep is an important component of overall health, whether you are a Crossfitter or not.  It’s when the body recovers, grows, and adapts.  Lack of sleep contributes to weight gain and a myriad of other issues.  Mark’s Daily Apple just published a good article about all aspects of sleep as a component of good health.

Like many, I often use my computer late at night to catch up on work, to post on this blog, to see what tomorrow’s WOD at Crossfit Ignite is going to be, or to check tomorrow’s tide chart for the Passaic River.

f.lux is a utility that changes the wavelength of the light on your laptop after sunset so that it is less disruptive to your natural sleep pattern.  It works quite well on Windows 7, and honestly I prefer the “warm” hues and sometimes switch it on even during the day, particularly in dark locations like an airplane.

I’m not endorsing it, but I like it, it works, and it seems to fit the philosophy of many Crossfitters to respect the natural sleep rhythms in our bodies, which is hard to do in the modern world.

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