2 comments on “Thanks to Crossfit Santa Clara

  1. Hey man I didn´t know you did Crossfit. I have been thinking about seetin up some rings at the boathouse and maybe even investing in a couple of 20kg bumper plates so we can do some sweet cleans and snatches heavy before and after practice. Also Id feel more comfortable packing up more weight on the squat without supervision.

    I don´t do crossfit religiously but I do visit the website everyday and if they have something interesting and I cant go on the water or im tired of the erg I give it a shot.

    • Adrian, awesome…I have been thinking about the same things – rings and building some box jumps. I think it would be cool to string rings up on that big “hangman” derrick over the water – an incentive not to wimp out! When I saw your posts about weightlifting I was wondering! Sarah does it too. BTW Sectionals are in Montclair this weekend — would be cool to watch.

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