It’s 70 degrees in New Jersey, why are we still rowing indoors?

Here’s why:  It’s day 5 after the storm last weekend, and the Passaic River is still flooded and too swift to risk small boats, so I’ve been hitting the Crossfit box hard this week and finding myself sore and with cabin fever!

Here’s a video from the Nereid Boat Club docks in the evening.  The lower Passaic is tidal, and this was taken at DEAD LOW TIDE when normally there is almost no current.  The water level instead was equivalent to what we get in a normal high spring tide.  You can see a couple of college team boats in the background barely making headway against the current.  I measured the current speed later when there was supposed to be an INCOMING tide, and there was still an outgoing flow of between 2.3 and 2.8 knots!

Still lots of folks without power, and a lot of roads are still closed.  Hope this is the last storm of the winter.

– Marc

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