Simulating rowing ratings in Crossfit WODs

A recent WOD at Crossfit Ignite prescribed 10 rounds of (15 deadlifts at 135 lbs. + 15 pushups), for time.  Because the deadlift is a core exercise that simulates the central part of the rowing stroke’s power curve, and because pushups are a weakness for me, I decided to focus on performing the deadlift sets at the equivalent of 35 strokes per minute.  I knew that the pushups would be slower, but my goal was to average out at just over 30 strokes per minute, breaking 10 minutes for the WOD, and I was successful in doing this.  I am going to take this approach to other exercises that simulate rowing motions:  box jumps, ring rows, squats, and even wall ball shots.  It’s a great way to focus on a goal and relate it mentally to a motion I am familiar with.  It’s also a great way to improve the specificity of training in Crossfit WODs to rowing.


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