The hazards of going overhead when outside of the Box

As a rower I am used to operating in one plane only…horizontal.  Anything outside of that is wasting energy and disrupting the run of the boat.  As a novice crossfitter, I found that my greatest weakness is shoulder girdle stability and flexibility for any movement that requires an overhead press.  For that reason I really like the “Air Force” WOD that we did last week at Crossfit Ignite, although I tweaked my shoulder on the thrusters and so had to scale it significantly.  I especially like it because the sumo high-pulls (aka upright rows) and burpees (aka squat thrusts) are familiar to any rower, so this WOD has some components that I’m really good at and some that work my most glaring weakness.

Tonight I decided to reprise it, but had to go to the gym late instead of the crossfit box.  I was able to complete it at 85 pounds, except for the overhead squat I used just the 45 lb. bar.

An unexpected hazard was the ceiling height of the gym.  I am finding that few facilities, including gyms that I visit when I travel, or most boathouses, are set up for overhead work, and I took a chunk out of ceiling when attempting the push jerk section of the WOD.

Before crossfit I looked for water everywhere I went and tried to gauge if it was rowable.  Now I also find myself looking up both indoors and out…is the ceiling high enough for push jerks, is there enough room to throw some gymnastic rings up, is there a good place for pull ups?  That’s one of the things I like about the crossfit approach…working out in the “box” has me thinking outside of the box wherever I go, and the new perspective keeps it fresh and challenging.

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