The Abominable Snowman of New Jersey

So this weekend I decided to go for a deep snow run in Saddle River Park, which is a 6-mile Bergen County park near my town.  It’s  not often we get enough snow to actually do this.  There was an average of about 14 inches on the ground, although in drifts it was over my knees. 

So I put on my Stabilicers and headed out.  It was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done, almost like broad-jumping on every stroke – pushing off with the quads, pulling up hard with the hams, and surprisingly really tiring the abs and core for stabilization.  I think I got about 5-6 miles round-trip in 90 minutes, in maybe 1/4-mile intervals before my legs gave out and I crashed into the snow.

I started reading up on POSE running, although I have not yet been to a cert.  With the snow almost up to my knees, I had no choice but to assume the “4” pose if I wanted to get my foot high enough to clear the top of the snow.  When my foot entered the snow, the deceleration made me constantly feel as though I was falling forward.  So it was great practice for POSE, and the good news was that actually falling flat on my face was kind of fun!

The only other people out in the park that day were some hardcore distance runners, kids, and the usual weekend crowd of fashionably-dressed Russian ladies out for a stroll and a smoke in their furs and perfume, no matter what the weather. 

I think I scared them when I burst of of the woods and jumped over a snow berm, dressed in black, covered with snow and breathing steam.  They looked like the Abominable Snowman of New Jersey had just jumped out at them.  Sorry ladies, just a middle-aged guy putting the fun back in fitness!

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