Workout of the Day: Snow Shoveling

Okay,  the news of the day is the massive snowstorm on the east coast.  17 inches fell overnight in New York, and it’s still coming down here in Bergen County, New Jersey.  No chance of going to Crossfit Ignite or Nereid Boat Club today, but this could be fun.  I’m looking forward to an anaerobic workout of shoveling out from about 14 inches of snow since last night  (how much does snow weigh?), and then maybe some deep snow running.

I estimate to clear my driveway will take about 17 rounds of 20 shovels at an average of 35 lbs. per shovel using a jumbo shovel.  This may be a little light because the snow this time is very wet and heavy.  The movement combines a lunge to set the shovel, a deadlift to lift it, and a 1-hand kettlebell swing motion to launch it over to the pile on the side of the driveway.

My neighbor kindly offered his snowblower but I declined !

It’s funny, I tried to find some online info on the biomechanics of snow shoveling as a workout, but all I could find was info on how to make it easier, not how to maximize the positive effects of the exercise!  I want to maximize the load on my back (safely), not minimize it.  I finally found one old thread on the Crossfit discussion board.  Sounds like there are lots of Crossfitters in Jersey with the same question!

Anybody have any thoughts?

I will probably repeat this on Monday when I get to the boathouse and find that it’s still snowed in.

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