Loving Crossfit Endurance

I have to say that I am liking the Crossfit Endurance WODs – they are generally short and a good venue to gauge what is truly max effort vs. tempo.  I am feeling that by doing the anaerobic WOD and the Endurance WOD in the same day I am getting a lot more out of less training time, and am just as tired as after doing 30K on the erg.  The difference is that I can wake up and do it again tomorrow, instead of feeling totally burnt.  It will be interesting to see if the Crossfit Endurance work translates equally well when I’m back on the water and have to spend significant low-intensity meters on technique.

Today’s was 2 sets of (1 minute max effort / 3 minutes rest) on the Concept 2 erg, recording total meters per rep.

Here’s what I got:







Cheers, Marc

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